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Chef specials are kind of specials offerings to the customers, which is a great way for a restaurant to market their offerings, provide creative limited-edition and seasonal dishes, improve brand awareness, reduce food waste, and most importantly, improve sales enablement. In the majority of the occasions, the best dishes served in that place and the nature of cook’s specials is one of the criteria to assess the food quality in a restaurant. Every now and then all of us love to eat out, preferably at the restaurants that would not make us dig deeper in our pockets than necessary. On the other hand, chefs are always busy being creative in the kitchen to produce dishes that can stand the taste of time as well as reducing the amount of food waste and overages. Hence the idea of chef specials board.

Chef specials are the in-house dish of the day or week that are offered to the customers in the restaurant. Specials mostly depend on the needs of the customers, seasonal or perishable ingredients and the management’s decision. Unfortunate stock issues can lead to having chef’s specials of the day. for instance, an oversight when ordering food especially the perishable ones or simply wrong orders that cannot be returned, this can enhance and motivate the creativity of the chef to create amazing specials.
Chef specials can be in many forms which includes happy hours specials, whereby the eatery may offer cheaper food or drinks for a specific hour of the day, seasonal specials; these are food or ingredients that are produced during a season, for example, a turkey roast for Christmas dinners parties. reward specials; this is when a customer eats at the restaurant for given times, then they will be given specials for a discounted price.

Benefits of chef specials:

  1. Chef Specials will boost the sales – Because a fresh, new and improved menus keep the business relevant to the market.
  2. It allows the restaurant chefs and staffs to show off their creativity and capability
  3. To aware of market trends – It is important to stay up-to-date on the latest food trends and crazes.
  4. It helps to try and test the new items.
  5. Brand awareness.

Specials help to reduce food wastage in restaurants. If nothing is contaminated one can argue that most restaurants would hardly want to waste food, leftovers of bacon and some vegetables can easily make it on the specials board having been made into a soup of the day. Almost all the restaurants do have chef specials as a way of increasing sales and as a way of advertising their signature dishes. although often as mentioned earlier new menus will pop up on the board due to lots of leftover ingredients that need to be used than being thrown away.

One cannot deny the mere fact that a chef orders overage can be costly to the industries economy as well as environment. Here are a few more problems; the chef will have to get rid of the perishable food, sad situation or they might produce spontaneous dishes using the surplus. however, how will their customers know what’s on the chef orders if they don’t walk in the restaurant? It is important that these Chef specials are presented in a catchy and engaging way to attract customers. Thanks to technology and social media platforms, restaurants are now able to advertise their specials online. although immense creative and active mobilization is needed to reach the maximum customers.

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